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about me

I’m Romina I’m 29 years old and I’m a Make up artist.
I define myself as a “citizen of the world” because I have lived in different parts of the world, I have breathed different cultures and customs and this has allowed me to have a very open and creative mind.
For me, the passion for Make up, is the door that overlooks the world built by brush strokes, to express my nature and my personality.

I transform, exalt, highlight, dress the femininity of color and beauty !!! I strongly believed in this work, and with sacrifice, determination and humility I learned and continue to learn its secrets every day. I studied at the prestigious Mud Studio in Milan, Make up and Hair style. I perfected the famous Airbrush technique, widely used and appreciated abroad.

I work mainly in the fashion industry, I have participated to important fashion shows such as Fendi, Moncler but often the contact with real people – weddings, parties, events – makes this work fascinating and terribly alive. I love all the aspects of my work, also because of the way it allows me to experiment and capture every single nuance.

I put head, heart and soul in what I do and I hope to pass it on, this is my goal!

if the opportunity doesn’t knock, just build a door

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